Monday, June 29, 2009

Moonheart by Charles De Lint

While I'm not a huge reader in the fantasy genre, I dabble. Moonheart introduced a fantastical world of druids, chieftains, and spirit animals while staying relatively grounded in the real world, so it wasn't complete immersion into a world without any familiarities. The story begins in Canada and moves back and forth in time and place across a few plains of existence. There are people with magic in them and people with that extra sense of awareness and ability that live out in the world today. And, while the main antagonist is this ominous blackness creeping into our world, our heroes are human full of all the emotions and doubts any reader can relate to.

The story is very vivid and tangible (even with the magic,) but there were a lot of characters to keep tabs on and the narrative got a little jumpy at times between two key locations where most of the book's action was taking place. However, this is a great novel to escape to for some excitement and some magic.

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